Hot air balloon flights over Pushkar

The most exhilirating way to see Pushkar is from the air. As you move gently over the vast encampment on the dunes, the awesome scale of the gathering becomes apparent. There's no rush and no noise; ballooning is an unexpectedly serene and peaceful experience.

Drifting over Pushkar's holy lake, you gain a sense of this ancient, sacred landscape in a way which is impossible on the ground; high temples and holy places, a place of pilgrimage from earliest times.

The magic of floating over such a scene recalls the romance of the early days of travel; capturing it on film in early morning or late afternoon light is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for any photographer.

Flights are available during the last week of the fair. 


Your flight is with a highly experienced team. Equipment and training are to European and US international safety standards, flights are insured, and the friendly UK- and US-trained pilots (including former commercial aviation pilots) have thousands of hours of balloon flight experience, internationally and in India.



You watch as the balloon is prepared and inflated and the flight lasts for around one hour. The sensation is completely different from being on top of a tall building, as detachment from the ground removes the uneasy sensations of height. There is no turbulence, and even people who usually suffer severe motion sickness experience no effects from a balloon flight.


India is one of the world's best locations for a hot air balloon flight; consistent weather conditions and spectacular landscapes make it a top choice, so if you've ever thought of taking to the skies, it's a great place to try.