If you are coming to Pushkar Fair, don't miss a visit to the CAMEL CHARISMA stand, where you can find out about the semi-nomadic Raika and Rabari camel keeping communities who have traded their camels at Pushkar Fair for centuries, and see the wonderful range of authentic camel products made by these traditional guardians of the camel. 

There are camel dung papers and notebooks (made at Camel Charisma's paper producing unit at Sadri, Rajasthan) paintings by local artists, lovely camel milk soaps, handwoven camel wool shawls and stoles, camel mats, and wool bags and pouches made using traditional designs. You can also try camel ice cream, and this year they are launching their new camel milk cheese.

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If you are travelling near the famous Jain temples of Ranakpur, be sure to visit Camel Charisma for some of the best souvenirs in Rajasthan. 



At the Camel Conservation Centre at Sadri, near Ranakpur, you can visit the Camel Café for camel chai, camelatté, camelcino, and delicious cheesecakes and cakes, all made with camel milk. Find out more at the Camel Charisma stand!