‘ Magical. That's the word coming to mind when I'm asked to describe Camp Bliss. Thank you.’
C HM, Singapore – 3/11/2016
‘ Fabulous camp. Camp Bliss is the only way to describe it. Neeraj and staff were very kind and always pleasant. Thank you for all our wonderful memories always.’
Mario and Sandra, Australia – 5/11/2016
‘ Words cannot describe the experiences we have had here – just fantastic. Loved everything about it. ’ J D, Australia – 5/11/2016
‘ Amazing. What a fantastic experience. Thank you for the best time ever. Memories will stay with us forever. ’ F and J S, UK – 5/11/2016
‘ This has been exceptional – physically, spiritually, emotionally – offering all that makes India and its people special. A wonderful holiday experience, will look forward to travelling with Indian Moments again. Thank you.’
I and S C, UK – 5/11/2016
‘ What an amazing experience in all respects, have felt thoroughly spoilt. ’
Anne K – 5/11/2016
‘ I loved it here! Wonderful atmosphere, staff and fellow campers. I can't imagine there is a better place to stay at the Pushkar Fair. Thank you for everything!’
HD, New York, USA – 5/11/2016
‘ We loved Camp Bliss! Neeraj and the amazing staff were extremely hospitable. The food was incredible and the camp grounds are so beautiful. The accommodation exceeded our expectations. We loved all the details and decor. We truly enjoyed our stay and could have stayed longer. Thank you Camp Bliss!!!’ L and D M, California, USA – 6/11/16
‘ Thank you to the staff and the amazing concept to assist in keeping an ancient heritage alive. The camp is to die for, it should be called glamping. My heritage is from the area and it was deeply heart warming and grounding to know it all still survives. Cheers. ’ KN, Australia – 6/11/16
‘ If we were in Australia I would say 'You guys have nailed it!'. From Go to End everything was just right. Great staff, great food and great tent. Congratulations on a wonderful concept and so well executed.’ MN, Australia – 6/11/16
‘ Camp Bliss is our favourite home in India with the only drawback being that we have to leave! From the accommodation to the friendly and caring staff to the excellent food, Camp Bliss is perfect in every way. My hope is to return again and again. Can't thank you enough for a wonderful stay. ’ Roy and Valeri C, USA. – 7/11/16
‘ Very, very nice! Staff very helpful, food fantastic (even without the wine!). Place to return to. ’
Wim and Laura G – 11/11/16
‘ Every time I am here it is more magical. Camp Bliss is a part of life that brings me so much joy! Everything about Pushkar is amazing. We will be back soon.’
Ken D, NYC, USA – 11/11/16
‘ There are no words to describe how happy my heart is always here at Camp Bliss, pure magic always – the camp is a gorgeous oasis but the staff is the most wonderful part. Love it so much.’ Donna D, Austerlitz, USA – 11/11/16
‘ Incredible experience. Beyond all our expectations. We will be seeing you again. ’
B B, Singapore/USA – 11/11/16
‘ Wonderful accommodation, fabulous food, good and plentiful – a bit more spice would be good. Thank you.’ J G, USA – 11/11/16
‘ Many thanks for a great time and excellent accommodaten .Great staff. ’
S K, West Malling, Kent, UK – 8/11/16
‘ We loved everything about Camp Bliss. The atmosphere is so friendly and relaxing. Tents are lovely, large, comfortable. Food excellent at every meal. One of our best Indian experiences ever. Neeraj and crew the best! We want to return and have not left yet! Thank you very much!’
Susan and Jeff H – 8/11/16
‘ Bliss – thank you. ’
Heather and Richard B, Aberdeen, Scotland – 8/11/16
‘ What a wonderful experience all around. The team at Camp Bliss were absolutely wonderful to be with. They took care of our every need. The facilities and food were amazing. Thank you very much for everything. You will be missed! ’ Jeff and Valerie R – 9/11/16
‘ LOVED Camp Bliss and our experience at the Camel Fair. Lovely accommodations and wonderful food. Kind staff. Appreciated the special touches like massage, henna, hot water bottles etc. ’ JS and KB, Michigan and Arizona, USA – 10/11/16
‘ Very nice accommodations. Good food and friendly staff. Excellent entertainment. ’
VW and EL, Memphis, USA – 11/11/16
‘ Amazing experience at Camp Bliss. Well worth coming at the beginning and end to see the changes n the mela. Very well looked after by the whole team, who couldn't have done more. You have provided a wonderful oasis in the mela madness. Thank you so much. Can't wait to come back. ’ Faye and Belinda, UK – 11/11/16
‘ Indian Moments, congratulations. We are travelling for two weeks with you and everything has been perfect. We will recommend your agency all over. And Camp Bliss has exceeded expectations. Everything in such a good taste, the tents 5 stars! And the fun of having a camel cart as taxi. Thanks a lot for everything. ’ DO and HB, Argentina – 11/11/16
‘ Fantastic stay at Camp Bliss, so aptly named. Everything was perfect from staff to tent, music and food. I have wanted to come to Pushkar for 20 years and this has been a dream fulfilled. Thank you! Will definitely recommend to all. Hope to be back to see you all again!’
DG, Suffolk, UK – 12/11/16
‘ Another magical stay with you at Camp Bliss and Sparkle. Thank you for the warm welcome and I look forward to the next time.’
EC, Prestbury, UK – 12/11/16
‘ An oasis in a sea of amazement. Food, staff and entertainment all AAA. Thank you for having us and I hope to be back!’ JM, Sydney, Australia – 12/11/16
‘ A fantastic stay at Camp Bliss. The people here are extremely helpful and that along with the tranquil surroundings made it a joyous stay. Will definitely recommend it to all friends and family. ’ A Patel – 12/11/16
‘ Thank you for a magical experience at Camp Bliss. Our stay has been one of the highlights of our two months in India. The attention to detail has been amazing and the standards very high. We will remember Camp Bliss very fondly. ’
DK and S L, Stroud, UK – 12/11/16
‘ Sad to leave this tranquil and magical place called Camp Bliss! Thank you for the ambience, lovely food, beautiful and comfortable tents, your friendship and your smiles. Hope to meet again. Thank you!’ Erik D and Britte C, Antwerp, Belgium – 12/11/16



‘Camp Bliss was an unexpected oasis. Beautifully appointed tents, really diverse and delicious food, great staff and enjoyable entertainment. Pushkar is also incredibly interesting – love the camels, loved everything about this part of our Indian visit. ’
I and M, Wollongong, Australia; 15/11/15
‘The entertainment was fantastic, loved the magician. ’
Dan, USA – 15/11/15
‘Such fun! A bit of heaven in a magnificent chaos. Delicious food and comfortable accommodation. Thank you!’ C R, Virginia, USA – 8/10/14
‘Perfect! The tents were magnificent. Loved the ever-changing decorations around the camp. Entertainment was a highlight. Service was faultless. Thanks!’
Angela and Jim, Australia – 17/11/15
‘What a way to see a camel or two! Camp Bliss way exceeded our expectations – accommodation, food and staff alike, but this is no surprise from Indian Moments. Many thanks.’  Sarah and Ivan, UK – 17/11/15
‘ Thank you so much for a wonderful stay, and specially for the great efforts you made to make us feel at home.’ Tania y Eva – 18/11/15
‘Words cannot express how happy we are. You have looked after us so well at Camp Bliss ... Five star service. Thank you.’ Caroline and Peter, Cornwall, UK.   – 18/11/15

‘The tents, the setting, the food and the service have been beyond expectations. Indian Moments are a fantastic company and we couldn't have been happier with how well we have been looked after. Thank you for everything – we will be back.’  Alicia and Ben, Melbourne, Australia – 18/11/15
‘A terrific stay at Camp Bliss and a once-in-a-lifetime adventure among the camels and horses. Thank you for your kind hospitality here and at your Mukundgarh haveli as well.’  Laurie and Jon, Los Angeles, USA – 18/11/15
‘Thank you for a superb trip – a chink of insight into this magnificent part of India. Rajasthan will remain imprinted on our hearts. A truly bliss-full experience .... I salute you and your staff!’  Banuta R, Toronto – 19/11/15
‘We are in heaven here. Everything was perfect in every way. Amazing people, food, atmosphere. Loved the entertainment and our tents were out of this world.’
Sue Tanian,; 20/11/15
‘Camp Bliss is a wonderful refuge, such a 'blissful' experience – the tents, the food and especially the warm, kind people will always hold a special place in our memories and hearts.’ G & Susan and Matthew Blake – 20/11/15
‘Beautiful camp set-up, so peaceful and relaxing to return from the fair daily. Good food, wonderful staff, overall a wonderful experience. Thank you!’
May and Alberto A, Hong Kong – 20/11/15
‘ An amazing experience, we have loved everything. The staff were amazing, the musicians, dancers and magician mind-blowing, the food fantastic – congratulations to the cook. We would love to join another of your tours. The fair was one of the highlights of our lives.’  
Judith and Pat – 21/11/15
‘Yet another wonderful experience with Indian Moments. After five trips throughout India with you, you continue to amaze us with your hospitality, thoughtfulness and efficiency. You represent the soul of India and celebrating Diwali with you will be a highlight of our lives. From top to bottom, Indian Moments is the best, and they bring the magic and mystery of India to life.’  Peter and Gwen A, Australia – 21/11/15
‘Recommended by a friend (Graham H, stayed 10 years ago). Food scrumptious. Fabulous accommodation. Staff wonderful. We enjoyed our stay.’
Christine, Charlene & Dean, Stroud, UK – 23/11/15
‘Absolutely fabulous. Far exceeded expectations. The food was amazing and simply amazing to learn about the food culture in Pushkar. Best always.’  Pam & Leslie – 23/11/15

‘We much appreciated the attentive staff, the peaceful atmosphere in the camp, and the cultural experience of Rajasthan so valued at Camp Bliss.’  
Philip & Neusa, Manaus, Brazil – 24/11/15

‘Camp Bliss is a truly unique experience. It pops up like a magical village, fully formed and functioning as a phenomenal 4-5 star resort in the middle of the desert. The engineering of the tents, with fully operational electricity and plumbing, is a marvel. But the aspects that make Camp Bliss feel like a luxury home away from home are the exquisite food and the warm and hospitable service ... an unforgettable travel experience. ’  Kim R, USA – 23/11/15



‘We had such a lovely two day stay. The staff at Camp Bliss are charming and care for the camp with a lot of love. We appreciated all the carefully thought out details making this place so special. Many thanks.’ CG, DG and DH, Canada – 28/10/14
‘We've had such a wonderful time here at camp. Everything has been meticulously organised, the facilities and food are superb and, as always, the people are what make it so special. Thank you. Thanks, it was superb!’ Susan and Matt, London – 28/10/14
‘Words cannot express the great hospitality, tents and services provided here. One of the best experiences of my life.’ Sally B, Vietnam – 8/10/14
‘I will definitely recommend Camp Bliss for anyone coming to Pushkar. I especially liked your entertainment and the setting.’ RB, USA – 28/10/14
‘It has been the most wonderful trip. The atmosphere, care and thoughtfulness has all made this a fabulous place to stay for a long desired trip to Pushkar for the camel fair. This has truly been the best travel experience of my life.’  J Hogg, London – 28/10/14
‘Most fascinating and loveable experience ... one waits and dreams for these moments to come in life.’ Dr S Singh and family, Ajmer and USA – 29/10/14
‘Congratulations on the magic of Camp Bliss – a superb oasis of quality accommodation, cuisine and service pulled together for the Fair. Thank you for making our stay such a pleasant experience and allowing us to experience Indian culture with your excellent evening programmes.’ James W, UK  – 29/10/14
‘Camp Bliss is absolutely incredible in every way possible. The staff (first and foremost) are lovely, the food is absolutely delicious, and the accommodations are perfect for this 'non-camping' kind of city couple. Thank you so much for a fantastic stay during the camel festival.’ Anne RJ, USA – 29/10/14
‘Camp Bliss was done with so much love – every detail! They catered to my son's picky eating and provided special american meals which were well needed. The entire staff was trusted and dedicated to making every moment in India a memorable moment. We look forward to our return!’  J&M F, M R, USA – 30/10/14
‘Tents are marvellous, staff take care of everything. We loved the massage, the European food for kids, the beautiful decoration.’ Famille T, France – 30/10/14
‘Thank you! Camp Bliss is absolutely stunning – romantic, relaxing, friendly, interesting and the attention to detail remarkable. This has been one of my best birthdays.’ J and I Fraser, UK – 30/10/14
‘We had a wonderful time here at Camp Bliss. The ambience of the camp is so welcoming, artistic and calm. The musicians were a real favourite for us. The food is good. The camel fair loads of fun. We are so glad we came.’ G & B Ruddick, USA – 31/10/14
‘A very enjoyable experience, very professionally run, but informal at the same time. We all really enjoyed our stay and the experience that was the camel fair will be unforgettable.’  Anne D, India – 31/10/14
‘Fantastic two days of trekking around the camel mela – so much happening! A special thank you to the Camp Bliss guys for food, entertainment and especially the cappuccinos.’ Carole D, India – 31/10/14
‘We loved the experience – magical! This was a mother-daughter trip and the stay at Camp Bliss made it extra special. Will recommend to friends.’ AL and BR, USA – 31/10/14
‘The camp is wonderful. We love the ever-changing decorations. The staff is fantastic, they have treated us very well. Pushkar Fair, the city and the lake experience were great as well. Fun and exciting at the fair, thoughtful at the ghats. Thankyou to Indian Moments for providing a perfect experience.’ SK & KB, Costa Rica – 31/10/14
‘This has been a magical stay and a great highlight of our holiday. All the staff are wonderful, as is the food and the tents. Bliss! Will be sorry to leave.’ A&A Swan, Scotland – 1/11/14
‘Every person has been friendly, warm and welcoming. We feel blessed to have finally achieved our dream of coming to Pushkar ... and blessed to have found Camp Bliss ... and blessed to have found your coffee machine.’ P&M Tye, Sydney, Australia – 1/11/14
‘We loved our stay – a wonderful concept carried out beautifully. Loved the food and terrific hospitality.’ KM, Canada – 1/11/14
‘Camp Bliss was so much fun! Wonderful staff and music for breakfast.’ N&D N, USA – 1/11/14
‘Thank you for a delightful stay at Pushkar. Camp Bliss is a wonderful 'home from home'. Excellent service, colour, light, music. A 'must-return' destination.’ RK C – 3/11/14
‘Perfect simplicity and excellent service, great experience and complimentary to Pushkar Fair environment.’ R Edwards – 3/11/14
‘Excellent welcome and great experience at Bliss Camp. Thanks to all of you!’ Joelle, Michel, Christine, Didier, Sophie, David – 3/11/14
‘We had a superb time here. The staff are extremely helpful and nothing is too much trouble. The food is authentic and plenty and the accommodation is super comfortable and spacious. 5*.’ Fiona, Kerry and Becky, London – 3/11/14
‘Camp Bliss is very dear to my heart, perfection in every way. You have spoiled me for the third time and I hope to be back for many years to come.’ D Demari, USA – – 3/11/14
‘The first of many visits – exceptional staff and every comfort catered for. Loved the location, the tents and the fabulous food. A very special place. Many, many thanks.’ F&N O'D, Lowestoft, UK – 4/11/14
‘We had a short but wonderful stay, the staff is so friendly, the accommodation amazing and the food is wonderful. The whole Pushkar experience has been made one to remember. Thank you!’ R&J C, Australia – 4/11/14
‘India never fails to amaze me and neither has Camp Bliss! A beautiful place to stay with wonderful, attentive staff. Thank you! ’– Tracey and Bjorn, SIngapore – 4/11/14
‘It was an amazing experience, one we would love to do again. Staff were hospitable and friendly, food fantastic and entertainment excellent.’ Paulito and Luz, Australia – 4/11/14



‘Thank you for being so accommodating for our young family. It’s not always easy traveling with two children under five, and you made us so welcome.’  S and M C  – 8/11/13
‘Great facilities with amazing service. Extraordinary experience, please keep it up …. and a BIG thank you. ’ Ramesh and Bina, Canada – 8/11/13
‘What a fantastic experience! We felt like we were living a fantasy of the nomadic life ...
Every day brought new surprises.’.  
Susan B and Dennis P – 9/11/13
‘Our stay at Camp Bliss has been such a blessed time in our India travels ... I feel like I have made many new friends and family. ’  Genevieve G, Australia – 9/11/13
‘Thank you so much for a wonderful, peaceful and interesting stay. We’ve had such a wonderful stay – everything was just right. Thank you.’.  
Clive and Sara, Ajerbaijan and UK – 10/11/13
‘Thank you to the Camp Bliss team... This place, both the camp and camel fair, takes
some beating. We had a fantastic time and the memory will stay with us for ever.’  
J and G Page, Australia  – 11/11/13
‘Wonderful in all ways, much nicer than we expected. The camp, food, service, friendliness, loved it all. Many thanks. ’. Paul and Cathy, Anil and Vicky, UK – 11/11/13
‘Fantastic. Serene. Welcoming. Small details are not overlooked.
I will be back. Thanks again! ’.  C D, Toronto, Canada – 11/11/13
‘Such a beautiful camp! Would have been lovely to stay, but visiting for dinner and entertainment was a lovely experience.’.  
K and P Evans, Australia – 11/11/13
‘Camp Bliss has the spirit of the Pushkar Camel Fair! It is very well-organised, is quite comfortable ... food and music exceeded all our expectations. Wish we could have stayed longer. ’  Susan and Stacey L, USA  – 11/11/13
‘What a beautiful camp with fabulous people – a sanctuary from the excitement of the Camel Fair. Thank you all for making our stay so memorable and lovely. Namaste! ’.
Christy S, Australia – 12/11/13
‘Thank you, thank you, thank you for making our stay such an amazing experience in Pushkar and everywhere so far on our trip. We’ll really miss all of you and our great chats! Keep in touch. ’   John and Debbie O, Canada – 13/11/13
‘Such a beautiful camp! Words are not enough! Wonderful – nothing was too much trouble. Great conversations. An experience that will be talked about fondly for many many years to come. ’  Gen F and Jody A, UK – 14/11/13
‘Wonderful experience. Glad we ended up at Camp Bliss. Fabulous staff and atmosphere unforgettable!’  Sylvana and James, Malta  – 14/11/13



‘A wonderful experience, can't thank you enough! Lovely accommodation and
very helpful information. As always with Indian Moments, staff is the best part!.’  
S and KM  – 20/11/12
‘Thank you for a stay I will never forget and will follow your camps throughout India.
We shall be back soon – until we meet again!’. R and M K DuBois, UAE – 20/11/12
‘PERFECT in every desert way’.  
Henri Tatham, Kikili Beach, Sri Lanka, – 21/11/12
‘Extremely well organised, a pleasant stay, an oasis in the desert’.  
D C, Singapore – 22/11/12
‘Fantastic. Staff all so very friendly and helpful. Hot water bottles are unique – they hold
the heat very well; very necessary. Food excellent. Thank you VJ for extra chillies!!’.  
P and S Fryer, UK – 22/11/12
‘We are so happy with Indian Moments. All was so well planned and organised.
We really enjoyed our trip in India. Thanks Vijayant, Sunil and Neeraj. Looking
forward to seeing you very soon!’.  A Fernandre – 22/11/12
‘Such a wonderful time. A great place and a wonderful event’.  
Chris Sorensen, – 23/11/12
‘Extremely well organised. Excellent food!!! The staff especially were very personable
and welcoming. Thanks!’.  AG, PC, S and B P, Vancouver, Colorado. – 23/11/12
‘Excellent staff and accommodation, I would highly recommend it’.  
JBO, San Francisco, USA – 23/11/12
‘The location is incredible and the staff is perfection! Amazing!’.  
C Chavaje  – 24/11/12
‘The Yin and Yang of Pushkar – the chaos of the fair, the calm of the camp!
A memorable experience!’.  Stephanie and Simon C, UK – 24/11/12
‘Wonderful time! Accommodations were excellent, staff was very accessible and helpful. The food was great. We very much enjoyed our stay in Pushkar in no small part due to Vijayant and the wonderful folks at Camp Bliss and Indian Moments ’.  J and A Baas – 25/11/12
‘Bliss indeed! Terrific food and great people’.  
J d D and LH – 25/11/12
‘Suberb service and really excellent care ... All very comfortable and well thought
through. Loved the evening entertainment. Splendid, thanks’.  
NB and EF, Mumbai and India – 25/11/12
‘Camp Bliss and the staff made Pushkar one of the greatest experiences ever.
We could not have asked for anything more and it was more than we had ever hoped.
Please tell us when Camp Bliss goes to Goa – we will visit! Thanks for everything!’.  
VC, RC and KR, Kansas, USA – 26/11/12
‘We were recommended this camp by our daughter and it lived up to our expectations. Thank you for a very pleasant stay!’.  PS and MW, UK – 26/11/12 
‘Great night sky and comfortable tent!’.  
S Ramamurthi – 26/11/12
‘Absolutely lovely experience. Beyond my expectations – a truly wonderful time with expert care – thank you!’.  R Hester – 26/11/12
‘We thought Camp Bliss was perfect, warm and kind staff and a wonderful experience! Thank you so much for looking after us’.  GCH – 27/11/12
‘What a wonderful find! We could not have asked for a more delightful stay – accommodation and food great and the help and friendship from all staff very much appreciated’.  M and I M, UK – 27/11/12 
‘What a fabulous stay! Immaculate attention to detail and exceedingly friendly staff create a wonderful and entirely pleasant atmosphere! Our best efforts to win over the chef have not succeeded – we will greatly miss his exquisite cooking!’.  Loren and Reanna – 27/11/12 
‘This was a wonderful start to our India tour. I cannot think of any way to improve on our stay – the food, the accommodations, and the service were wonderful. The staff are by far the best asset. Thank you!’.  M Rodriguez – 27/11/12



‘Wonderful place and lovely people. We only stayed for one night but really enjoyed it.
Hope we can get back next year and stay a little longer.’  AP, SC and V – 01/11/11
‘Our best time in India so far. Staff great as well as food and entertainment. If we are ever     so lucky enough to return to Pushkar, we will certainly stay at Camp Bliss. Thanks, Namaste.’  B Taylor and N Smith, USA – 02/11/11
‘Having stayed in Pushkar on a number of occasions. I am delighted to have found             Camp Bliss. Undoubtedly the best accommodation in Pushkar. The tents are wonderfully comfortable, the food was delicious (as was the impressive cappuccino!) but the very best part of my stay was the warm and generous hospitality of the staff. I was made to feel so welcome that I am reluctant to leave. I will make sure that I book early for next year!       Thank you.’  Gavin Gough, Bangkok Photo School, – 02/11/11
‘Thank you very much for the nice stay. The tents are really fabulous and the service is outstanding!!!’ A and B Drok, Amsterdam – 02/11/11
‘This was a wonderful experience. People are the best you can find. Magic place. Thank you.’   I S and K D, Sao Paolo, Brazil – 03/11/11
‘Everything just so relaxed and friendly, wonderful atmosphere, tents just a delight. Thank you so much for a special two days!’  J W, Perth, Australia – 4/11/2011
‘This has been the most incredible 3 day stay – how we wish it was longer! Camp Bliss is a very special place. It has a tranquil and welcoming atmosphere – and the tents are so romantic! The best thing about this place though is the wonderful, caring, attentive and informative staff. Thank you for everything.’  S Briscoe, NSW, Australia – 04/11/2011
‘A fabulous stay with fabulous staff and service. Perfect for my wife's 60th brithday             and wonderful attention. Excellent all round!’  D A B, NSW, Australia – 04/11/2011
‘Thank you ever so much for this amazing experience, the camp is unbelievable,                   so well kept, efficient and everybody has been very helpful and nice, delicious food.’ 
S and J Bower, Italy  – 05/11/2011
‘Un Camp merveilleux, wonderful service, big huge tents with good taste.
A very nice experience to remember and feed from for a long time.’
Yannick and Catherine, Nice and Berlin – 05/11/2011
‘A wonderful camp, service before and during has been more than we
could have asked for. Thank you for making our trip so special.
ND, British High Commission, New Delhi – 06/11/2011
‘Having already stayed once three years ago we felt there was no room for improvement. However, the new tents are fantastic and the evening performances again wowed our children. A truly wonderful place to stay and we will be back. Thank you everyone at
Camp Bliss for making our stay so enjoyable.’  A and M Heaton and family, UK – 07/11/11
‘Exceptionally good service. We really liked the tents and the decor, which were unique. Everything was so meticulous and up to standard. We'll definitely recommend it to our friends and relatives. We loved the vegetarian food, too!!’  T and Y Yamomoto – 07/11/11
‘This is truly ‘Glamping'. The tents and evening performances were amazing and the children thoroughly enjoyed them. The service and staff exceptional. Thank you so much and we will see you in the future!!! Thanks.’  Sean and Ellis, New Delhi, India – 07/11/11
‘We loved everything about the camp: the staff, the service, the food, the tent and the entertainment!! in particular the musicians. Thank you.’  Hadass S – 08/11/11
‘Excellent service and very warm, taking care for everyday. We are so happy that we made this trip here. Hope we can be back again.’  Dr B Dayal – 08/11/11
‘We’ve loved your tents and the quiet atmosphere of the place. Thank you for your kindness, the perfect service, delicate. We’ve appreciated a lot.’  A and J Verdier, France – 08/11/11
‘Amazing! Thank you, Staff, setting, experience  10/10. Such a good choice, we’re patting ourselves on the back constantly!’  S Collins – 08/11/11
‘Enjoyed our stay ever so much, great food and even greater service. Thank you all for your kind hospitality, an oasis amongst the chaos, will recommend to all back in Thailand!! Cheers!!’  R M, Bangkok, Thailand – 09/11/11
‘It was one of the most happy moments of my life. I arrived at musician show time and you gave me a necklace of flowers. Thanks for everything. It's a perfect place. I will miss you.’
V Noronha – 10/11/11
Just like Hogwarts!
A Dixon – 10/11/11



‘Thank you so much for our amazing holiday in Pushkar. The staff, the tents, the food, it was all perfect and far more than we had hoped for. It has just been another part of our amazing holiday in India and we will be telling everyone about Camp Bliss. Thanks again.’     T Connell, New Zealand – 14/11/2010
‘We had a truly wonderful visit at Camp Bliss. The staff went out of their way to accommodate our young children and make sure the visit was fun for them as well. We were only here two days but by the time we left, we felt like we were leaving friends. Hats off to all of you, and thank you for your kindness!.’  T and M Daley, USA
‘Camp Bliss lived up to its name entirely! After hectic travels we found ourselves in a tranquil, splendid park, lovely quarters, outstanding musicians and service. We wish that we could have stayed longer and will certainly advise our fellow travellers to find this treasure that you have created in Pushkar.’  E J, Seattle, and RAJ, Denmark
‘What a lovely, peaceful place to stay in the midst of the busy fair. We loved our camel rides round Pushkar and walks around the fair. Our tent was so comfortable, Gangotri, lovely afternoon sun.’  M and P B – 16/11/2010
‘Camp Bliss has been a wonderful experience. The staff is top-notch – excellent service and very attentive to all our requests. The camp was wonderful, food was tasty, entertainment was enjoyable. Overall, we’re grateful for the terrific experience.’  Mr and Mrs R, USA
‘We were delighted with our tent, the service, the tranquil location in a sea of madness. Each and every detail was attended to by the friendly and efficient staff. We will definitely recommend Indian Moments and Camp Bliss to others. Again, thanks to each and every one of you.’      Caroline H, USA – 16/11/2010
‘My two cents: I agree with everything Caroline wrote and just want to add that I never been so well taken care of by staff so pleasant, gracious, and accommodating! Thank you. I am planning to be back.’  M G, USA – 16/11/2010
‘It was everything we had hoped for – courteous staff and service, safe, efficient facilities. Would highly recommend it.’  V Bhat
‘To all of the wonderful staff at Camp Bliss, a huge thank-you for such a wonderful stay. The food has been fantastic, the atmosphere in the camp warm and welcoming, and we have had a lovely time. Namaste.’  C and R W.
‘We had an absolutely amazing time here in Camp Bliss – you made us feel so welcome and so at home – thank you for your generous hospitality. We wil be highly recommending you to all our friends and would love to return one day to visit this beautiful spot again.’  K and J C.
‘An absolutely beautiful camp with bags of charm. The food has been fantastic and plentiful, and the staff very helpful. Would love to come again, minus the rainclouds!’  Isabel and James, London.
‘Thank you for a wonderful time at Camp Bliss. The atmosphere is incredibly relaxing and the staff are fantastic – so friendly and welcoming. The entertainment was superb, we really enjoyed it. Excellent food, astonishing tents. We look forward to returning. Many thanks.’  Dan and Leanne G, London.
‘Thank you so much for a wonderful stay at Camp Bliss. Your staff are very hospitable and the cuisine was fabulous. We loved the band and wanted to take them back to London! We wish Indian Moments every success in their forthcoming ventures.’  S and R, London, UK
‘Fantastic stay. Very special evening on the last night of camp. Wonderful music and dancing. And where did those pigeons come from?’  R and P W, Santa Barbara, California.


‘Beautiful arrangement, splendid tents, brilliant effort to marry luxury and ethnicity . . .
an epitome of India and its hospitality’
B Agarwal, India – 26/10/09
‘A lovely oasis to relax before dipping into the explosive Pushkar Fair. What an amazing place. Thank you so much for your hospitality, help and kindness at this beautiful place at the fair. Camels, colour and good food – what a combination!’    
Richard and Brigitte, Kent, UK – 26/10/09 
‘We are so thrilled to have found Camp Bliss. The entire staff have gone beyond the call of duty to ensure a wonderful experience for us. The tents are so comfortable, the campsite charming, the entertainment excitement and the food delicious.’
M Broadfoot and C Cunnningham – 26/10/09
‘We have spent a blissful two nights in Camp Bliss. Everyone has been so welcoming and very informative about the Pushkar Camel Fair. What an amazing event, just so colourful. Thank you everyone for an amazing time and scrumptious food too!’ 
P and A Knox, France – 25/10/09
‘Thankyou all for the perfect stay, wonderful food, great entertainment,
Hindi lessons and all those smiles’    
Elisa D, Australia – 25/10/09 
‘When we arrived we said "Wow", and the feeling never left us throughout our stay. We absolutely loved it here. We came on a recommendation and we shall be recommending Camp Bliss to our friends in Bangalore and in the UK.’
P and J D, Bangalore and Scotland – 28/10/09
‘Wonderful. I will never stay at another place if I come to Pushkar again. Highly recommended to all my friends’ 
P L Beiler, Singapore – 27/10/09
‘Stunning in so many ways. I leave totally relaxed and exceptionally well fed! I really hope I'm able to come back and enjoy some more Indian Moments’
A Greene, UK, based in Beijing – 28/10/09
‘A perfect experience. The booking is efficient and friendly. And Camp Bliss exceeded all expectations. Thank you for a perfect birthday!’    
M and L McF, Colchester, UK – 29/10/09 
‘Mind blowing experience. Divine hospitality and first class service. Will tell everyone to travel with Indian Moments. Absolutely fantastic’
K Miller, USA – 26/10/09
‘Thank you for the wonderful hospitality. Indian Moments has gone above and beyond for us. We look forward to travelling with Indian Moments again.’ 
C Haverstock, USA – 30/10/09
‘Incredible experience, excellent service, very nice tent, the people very nice, I'm looking forward to come back. Thank you for everything.’
Carlos Frid, Mexico – 30/10/09
‘We are delighted to visit our old friends at Indian Moments. Their warm welcome, attentive service, thoughtfulness makes every journey an unforgettable experience. The camp was so well designed for comfort and an authentic Pushkar experience. Thank you . . .’    
E and L Pope, USA – 30/10/09 
‘There have been rare moments on our travels when the hospitality has overwhelmed us – our stay here at Camp Bliss was one of these. Thank you for making our visit to Rajasthan one of our incredible "Indian Moments". I will never forget my 65th birthday . . . we shall have such lovely memories of Camp Bliss and Pushkar.’  G and S S, New Zealand – 31/10/09
‘Camp Bliss is everything the name suggests. We had a wonderful time. The help from everyone working in the camp was incredible. Camp Bliss is the calm safe haven needed when you come back from the chaos of Pushkar Fair. Thank you so much.’  
Mags and Olivia – 31/10/09
‘An exceptional experience. Every effort made to see to every want or need. Near to the fairground yet far enough away to escape the noise and dust. Truly blissful. Thank you.’
J Weiss, Washington DC, USA – 31/10/09
‘We have had a wonderful stay here. So relaxing to come back to after the hectic fair. All the staff have been very helpful and we particularly enjoyed the magician.’    
Catriona and Thomas de P, London, UK – 01/11/09 
‘Thank you so much for an absolutely amazing and unforgettable stay. You made our visit a really wonderful experience’
M W and J S, New South Wales, Australia, USA – 01/11/09
‘Amazing. This one word captures it all. We have travelled extensively and never experienced comfort, food and service like that extended by Pankaj and his happy team these past few days . . . this is an experience no 5-star hotel chain can replicate. We can now see why every single review online was raving about Indian Moments. Rest assured that we will not only be back for more of your hospitality but will spread the word with our friends.’  
R and B J Arun, Bangalore – 01/11/09



‘It's like a small paradise of peace and quiet in Pushkar. Thanks for the rest and
your welcome!’
N R, Paris, France – 6/11/08
‘Camp Bliss offers an opportunity to experience the unique event which is Pushkar Fair, and at the same time provides a peaceful haven in between sightseeing trips. The service, food, facilities and entertainment was excellent. Thank you!’   
P Sigurdsson, Poland – 6/11/08 
‘Thank you for such thoughtful efficiency. The evening entertainment was special. Congratulations on the small detail that has been thought through to make our stay
so memorable.’
N & N Schilling – 7/11/08
‘This is an amazing experience. Thank you for an incredible visit. I greatly enjoyed
Camp Bliss, it is wonderful!’
B H, Houston, USA – 8/11/08
‘Camp Bliss totally lives up to its name. Fabulous food, top notch music and entertainment, great massage and henna and the best hospitality.’
F J, New Jersey, USA – 8/11/08
‘We had a wonderful time in Camp Bliss. The accommodation, service and location all helped make our Pushkar Camel experience a truly memorable one. Highly recommended.’
S, J, E & E Hunt – 8/11/08
‘An absolute highlight of our first trip to India. Fantastic service, wonderful food and
lovely accommodation. A once-in-a-lifetime experience made even more memorable at Camp Bliss. Thank you!’
E Y & A M, Vancouver, Canada – 8/11/08
‘Shabash! We loved the small camp, great service, terrific food, and the whole Pushkar experience. Thank you!’
J O, D D & family, British High Commission, New Delhi – 9/11/08
‘Great camp with great service. Best in Pushkar.
Thanks a lot!’
N, C & family, Sweden and India – 10/11/08 
‘We read the reviews, all of which raved about Camp Bliss, but it far exceeded anything we could have imagined. The services, style, personal attention was perfect!’    
J T & P P, Los Angeles, USA – 11/11/08
‘The whole Camp Bliss experience lived up to its name . . . an oasis of calm . . .
All the staff have catered to our every need especially for our daughter Jaia, who loved
every moment, especially the evening performances where she loved to dance and sing.
Thank you everyone at Camp Bliss.’
A, M & J Blake, Newcastle, UK – 13/11/2008
‘A beautiful oasis! Great food, excellent service and a wonderful setting. We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Pushkar. Thank you.’
K, G & R, Brighton, UK – 13/11/08 
‘Excellent camp and experience! Staff very helpful.
Great evening show!’ 
T S, Dusit, Thailand – 13/11/08 
‘The attention to detail on every level was superb . . . thank you for making the
Pushkar Fair a fantastic experience. Aloha!’
P H, Haiku, Hawaii – 14/11/08
‘We thought we were going camping, but this was something different! The tents are beautiful and comfortable, the staff charming and helpful and the food delicious. We have had a wonderful time in this peaceful oasis.’
A & J C, Swindon, UK – 14/11/08
‘Camp Bliss and the Pushkar Fair was truly an amazing, memorable experience. Definitely a highlight of our trip to India. Thanks for making this such a blissful experience!’
N C, San Francisco, USA – 14/11/08
‘An oasis of calm and peace just minutes away from the madness of Pushkar Fair. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The tents were luxurious, the food was delicious, but most of all, the staff were the most helpful, friendly and attentive that I have met on my travels. Staying here has certainly been a memorable experience, and for all the right reasons. Thank you, Camp Bliss! I will be sure to recommend you to all my friends. ’ 
T B & A B, London, UK – 14/11/08
‘An absolutely beautiful experience – thoroughly recommend to all our friends and family. The food, the evening performances, the accommodation – everything just perfect!’.
J & M P, Sydney, Australia – 24/11/08



‘We had a wonderful time at Camp Bliss. The tents are lovely. The food is delicious. Vijayant and the staff are very kind and gracious. We’ve had many wonderful and memorable ‘Indian Moments’ during our stay! Thank you!’
D L, Washington DC, USA – 19/11/07
‘For us, was the first time experiencing a tent, and the camp and tents are absolutely beautiful. The service is wonderful, the food is great . . . we enjoyed very much our trip and now that we are close to the end of our journey we are very pleased and happy. Thank you for everything. Gracias.’
C C, Mexico – 19/11/07
‘This has been the highlight of our trip; better than the Taj Mahal, enchanting from beginning to the very last minute. The stay was much too brief.’
C B, Colorado, USA – 20/11/07
‘Everything – food, accommodations, service, tours –
was excellent!! ’
L & P J, Colorado, USA – 20/11/07
‘There are no words to tell what a magically delightful experience we have had here at Camp Bliss! We loved each and every moment. Thank you.’ 
J C, USA – 20/11/07
‘Wonderful ‘Indian Moments’.
Thanks for a great trip!
D & M S, Hay River, Canada – 21/11/07
‘Truly wonderful. We will certainly be returning to our
“Halycyon Camp”.
R & R J, Cornwall, UK – 22/11/07
‘This is truly luxury camping at its best. The food is excellent, as is the service we have received throughout our entire tour. Thank you for making this the trip of a lifetime for me.
A thousand thankyous . . .’ 
D L, California, USA – 22/11/07
‘The one-night-stay at Camp Bliss was one of the great experiences of our trip. Pushkar Fair at its best. ’  
P & E W, Netherlands – 23/11/07
‘Charming place, great hospitality’.
S N, ABN Amro Bank, Mumbai – 24/11/07


‘A really beautiful Camp and Campsite! The Indian food was delicious! Compliments for the superb service of the staff and the chef! We will recommend this place to everybody who is planning to come to the Pushkar fair in the future. Thanks for the wonderful experience!’ 
A J & M van der L, Holland – 31/10/06
‘This arrangement has been wonderful. The food, service and accommodation have been great. We enjoyed the intimacy and personal service. Thanks so much for the experience.’ 
J & E F, USA – 31/10/06 
‘Very beautiful camp with a great personal staff. The food was delicious.
A welcome home after a day of the dusty and crowded Pushkar! Thanks for
a wonderful stay!’ 
W K & J W – 31/10/2006
‘An experience never to be forgotten. Service, food, facilities superb.
Indian Moments is the best of the best.’
M & C Z, USA – 02/11/06
‘Not being a vegetarian did not take away from my enjoyment of the
cuisine and warm hospitality.’ 
T S, Canada – 04/11/06
‘Our experience at Camp Bliss was amazing. The tents were so comfortable,
so peaceful yet close to everything. The food has been wonderful. The staff is very friendly and kind. The evening performances were mesmerizing. Thanks for making memories that will last a lifetime!’ 
P T & P M, USA – 04/11/06
‘Truly a deluxe camping experience and a memorable ‘mela’. All of
the staff were truly welcoming, thoughtful and very professional. All
around, excellent!’ 
S L, USA – 05/11/06
‘Wonderful experience. We loved the food. The staff was wonderful.
We look forward to coming back.’ 
D H, UK – 06/11/06